Please watch this powerful video. We need to be cognizant of how trauma affects children. 

Her Alleged Rape Went Viral, But This Defiant 16-Year-Old Is Taking Control Of The Conversation

Prevent Child Sexual Abuse - Darkness to Light

College Sexual Assault and Jungle Juice

The Daily Beast reports on Maryland’s hope to stop rape through banning the sale of 190-proof grain alcohol, which is used in a popular college drink called jungle juice. 

According to Dr. Joann Boughman, the senior vice-chancellor for academic affairs in Maryland’s university system, “The thinking is that if the grain alcohol is banned then inadvertent drinking to the extent that they won’t be able to consent would be less likely.” However, some advocates believe that the focus should be on culture and teaching what consent means instead of focusing on alcohol. For the full article, click here

MCASA was in the news story:

“The key to ending sexual violence is dealing with things like consent and culture. At the same time I don’t fault the legislature for taking this step,” said Lisae Jordan, executive director of Maryland Coalition Against Sexual Assault. Jordan’s group doesn’t have a stance on the law, but said high-potency grain alcohol could be used as weapons by “predators” who use it to facilitate sexual violence, and it wasn’t a terrible idea to address it.

This story has also been picked up by local press, InTheCapital, and their full article can be read here.

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Food and Diapers Needed: Summer Pantry Drive!

There is nothing worse than having to uproot your life to keep you and your children safe from sexual and domestic violence. Having to worry about providing food and diapers makes it that much more difficult. 

HopeWorks maintains a pantry that is available to our clients who need assistance in acquiring essential food, personal and household items.  


We appreciate your effort in helping us to restock our shelves so we may continue providing this service to the women, children and men of our community who need it.

Domestic Violence and Two-Parent Households

Job Opening with the Awesome Organization Fair Girls Inc!

Job Title: Crisis Response Case Manager

Job Summary:  Under the supervision of the FAIR Girls Director of Programs and Clinical Supervisor, the Crisis Response Case Manager will manage a caseload of up to 20 girl survivors of trafficking at any point in time. This case manager will assist in responding to client crises and providing long-term support as needed. This person will also be in charge of supervising and managing a volunteer crisis response fellow or intern.

Required Hours: 40 hours a week + overtime as needed. Please note any overtime accrued will be compensated with flex time.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Case Management and Crisis Response (100%)

Washington, DC/MD/VA

  • Provide short and long-term case management to girl survivors of trafficking referred to FAIR Girls by judges, prosecutors, probation officers and public defenders. Long-term case management services to survivors of trafficking may include but not be limited to researching/obtaining safe housing, healthcare, identification, jobs, supportive counseling, mental healthcare referrals etc.    
  • Provide emergency response services to survivors of trafficking as needed. This will include being “on call” to respond to crises at least one or two weekends a month and on an as needed basis during the work week. Please be advised that any conduct that would impair your ability, such as consuming alcohol, would mean you are not fit for a crisis response and must inform your direct supervisor. Emergency response may also entail spending 1-3 overnights at our crisis apartment for young adult survivors of trafficking.
  • Dedicate one hour daily to maintaining accurate and updated case notes as well as entering data into the agency database system.
  • Supervise a volunteer crisis response and case management fellow or intern.

Qualifications: Bachelors or masters degree in social work or related field, experience and passion for working with survivors of trafficking, homeless and/or gang involved youth, experience dealing with mental health crises, experience counseling and mentoring youth, experience managing budgets, experience facilitating engaging therapeutic or life skills building groups for youth, experience supervising and managing volunteers or interns, strong work ethic, highly organized, positive attitude, empathetic outlook, excellent professional written and verbal communication, and flexibility.

Preferred Qualifications: Fluency in Spanish, experience working within the criminal justice and family court systems

To Apply: Please email detailed cover letter, resume with references, and writing sample to Teresa Tomassoni at No phone calls please. 

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